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Want to fundraise for your club or non-profit? Or simply earn some revenue on your company site or network?

By promoting Komodo to your members, visitors, customers or connections you can earn a healthy commission. The scheme is open to individuals, schools, organisations and charities large and small - for fundraising or commercial purposes. 

It’s easy to get started and we’ll support you all the way!

See how Komodo helps children with maths

The Opportunity

Every day Komodo helps thousands of children improve their maths skills, boosting confidence and accelerating maths ability. We know by the messages from delighted parents that using Komodo has greatly enhanced the lives of many of these children.

By promoting Komodo to your network of contacts - through your website, blog, newsletter. . . - you will earn £10 commission for each new subscription (Ts&Cs apply).

Every link from you to us is trackable, so even if they don’t subscribe on the first visit, you’ll still be credited once they do.

How we Support Partners

Once you have been approved onto our scheme, you will be given a unique and trackable partner code to ensure you benefit from every sale you have generated.

You will also have exclusive access to a range of images and tools to help you promote Komodo maths, such as:

  • Complete transparency - a partner dashboard tracking all your sales and email notifications
  • Komodo logos
  • Banner artwork in various sizes
  • Text and social media links for you to share
  • A regular feed of new videos and blog articles
  • Anything else? Just ask!

We handle the transactions, processing and customer service.

Who is it for?

Can be either for fundraising or commercial purposes providing our terms and conditions are complied with.

Partners should fit with the ethos of Komodo Learning Ltd and all site content and links should be appropriate for the family audience.

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